Framed Pictures

Framed Yorkshire Dales, Lakeland, Pendle Hill pictures and more from landscape painter Keith Melling

Framing Options
Ribblesdale: framed

Unfortunately we can't guarantee now that orders for framed pictures will be delivered before Christmas.

Traditional or contemporary framing styles are offered....both at the Studio-Gallery or online by mail-order. 
While this page is under construction, we will be happy to deal with your requests for framed pictures by email or phone.

Any of the images on the website can be ordered as framed pictures

The picture shown above is Ribblesdale, Yorkshire Dales.
Framed in traditional dark wood with double mount.
overall size 24 x 30in.

example of contemporary style frame

The same image as above, but framed in the contemporary style

Framed prints for shipping/posting will be glazed with Acrylic/Plexiglas. This is lightweight, durable and resists breaking. It also blocks 80% of harmful UV rays.

Seven Trees. Painting: Keith Melling

'Seven Trees' framed in contemporary style black.

Starbotton from the Walden track. Painting by Keith Melling

Starbotton from the Walden track.
Frame:  contemporary style curved profile silver. 

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