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2019 Pendleside Hospice Calendar
Pendleside Hospice Calendar 2019 - Artist Keith Melling

The 2019 Pendleside Hospice Calendar is available from the online shop.
It's going well and is likely to sell out before Christmas.

Hoar Frost at Narrowgates
Hoar Frost At Narrowgates. Painting Keith Melling

Hoar Frost at Narrowgates, Barley, Lancashire.
The frost was so thick it almost looked like snow.

From an oil painting
Artist: Keith Melling
Signed Open Edition
Giclee print.

8.5 x 15.25in £37,50

Hawes, Wensleydale, Yorkshire Dales.
Hawes, Wensleydale, Yorkshire Dales.Painting Keith Melling

Hawes, Wensleydale, Yorkshire Dales.

Hawes is located at the head of Wensleydale with breathtaking scenery all around and is said to be one of the highest market towns in England. The River Ure, which is such a picturesque feature of Wensleydale, runs just to the north of the town.

From an oil painting
Artist: Keith Melling.
Signed Open Edition
Giclée print (in 3 sizes)
15 x 27in. £58.50 large

12.5 x 23in. £37 standard
8.25 x 15in. £30 small

Dales .Online Shop

Wastwater. Painting by Keith Melling

There is a new print in the Lakes section! I've made it available in three sizes.

This is England's deepest lake and probably because of it's setting, the most atmospheric. Wasdale is surrounded by high mountains including Great Gable which is central in the painting. Scafell Pike just out of view from this angle is hidden by Wastwater Screes on the right.
From an oil painting
Artist : Keith Melling

Signed Open Edition
Giclee print. 
15  x 26.5in £59
12.5 x 22in £49
5 x 9in        £15

Lakes online Shop

Interior of the gallery

Window display at the K Melling Studio Gallery, Fence, Lancashire BB12 9EB

  Window display at the K Melling Studio Gallery, Fence, Lancashire BB12 9EB 

Keith Melling: An Artist in Pendleside
Keith Melling: An Artist in Pendleside

My latest book (above) is available from our online shop. Keith Melling: An Artist in Pendleside.
Below is a portion of what it says on the back cover.

In this attractive book, the second by Keith Melling, we explore the varied landscape of the artist’s own patch, and see it all through his eyes; from the vast and dynamic uplands to the green pastoral valleys, and even some more uncomely back street views. Together with interesting oddments of history, including a fascinating summary of the Pendle Witches, this richly illustrated book offers a comprehensive and vivid picture of a remarkable area that deserves to be better known.

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