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An exhibition of 30 small plein air original paintings took place earlier in the year. This has finished now, but I've decided to continue to show some of them. 

Keith Melling: An Artist in Pendleside
Keith Melling: An Artist in Pendleside

My latest book (above) was published in 2016. Keith Melling: An Artist in Pendleside.
Below is a portion of what it says on the back cover.

In this attractive book, the second by Keith Melling, we explore the varied landscape of the artist’s own patch, and see it all through his eyes; from the vast and dynamic uplands to the green pastoral valleys, and even some more uncomely back street views. Together with interesting oddments of history, including a fascinating summary of the Pendle Witches, this richly illustrated book offers a comprehensive and vivid picture of a remarkable area that deserves to be better known.

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