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Paintings with a modern or contemporary feel, produced as fine art giclée prints. Inevitably there is a crossover with some images and they could go into any category.

Under Cracked Ice the Flowerstones Bloom
Under Cracked Ice the Flowerstones Bloom. Keith & Sam Melling

Under Cracked Ice the Flowerstones Bloom

Walking through fields during winter, Sam noticed the interesting patterns under the cracked ice of the frozen path and duly photographed them. I later re-worked his digital image to make this print.  Blue represents ice and the white swirls the cracks and bubbles, grass can be made out, and stones
almost look like flowers.
Digital photograph re-worked.
Signed Limited Edition of 50. Giclee print. 12.5 x 12.5in. £36

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A Leaf from My Sketchbook
A Leaf from My Sketchbook. Keith Melling

A Leaf from My Sketchbook

This leaf was painted in one of my sketch books in the South of France. The roughly textured Indian Khadi paper shows up well in the print.
From a watercolour painting.
Signed Limited Edition of 185
Giclee print.
12.5 x 12.5in
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A Leaf from Mirů's Garden
A Leaf From Miro's Garden. Keith Melling

A Leaf from  Miró's Garden

I visited Miro's studio In Majorca and picked up this leaf from his garden. Back in our apartment I painted it in a pastiche of Miro''s style.
From A watercolour and gouache painting 
Signed Limited Edition of only 95
Giclee print
12.5 x 12.5in

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