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An Artist in Lakeland
An Artist in Lakeland. Paintings of the Lake District by Keith Melling

An Artist in Lakeland  (signed book)

This inspirational book focuses on Keith Melling's paintings of the Lake District, describing some of the most beautiful scenery in England, from the boulder strewn fells to the vast sheets of pristine water. It is presented in a handsome glossy format that can be either a good coffee table book or simply a good read with ample illustrations. although lakes and mountains are the mainstay of these lovely pages. the district has much more to offer; there is an interesting coast line and a little limestone as well, which Keith dips into, explaining his fascination for these outlying areas. From time to time, he also mentions his painting methods.

Hardback 276mm x 219mm (11 x 9 inches) 116 pages 178 illustrations - sketch map - ISBN 978095603837

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Keith Melling: An Artist in the Dales (updated 2nd edition)
Keith Melling: An Artist in the Dales. 2nd edition book

Keith Melling: An Artist in the Dales (updated 2nd edition signed book)

In this updated second edition and signed, five new paintings have been added, with their respective commentaries.

In this beautifully designed book, Keith Melling explores each major Yorkshire Dale from top to toe, not only giving his visual impressions, but also writing a most compelling account.

Intriguing snippets of history, folklore, geology and wildlife are interwoven with tips on painting and artistic anecdotes, all of which combine to present a totally new and evocative view of one of the most stunning regions of the British Isles.

 This unique and extraordinary book will appeal to all who love the Yorkshire Dales, and is a must for those who are partial to the art of Keith Melling. For those not yet familiar with the Dales, or the work of this accomplished landscape painter, this book will be a revelation.

“You can step into a Keith Melling painting and lose yourself. The detail in his panoramic views is so crisp, you can almost smell the air, feel the fresh breeze on your cheek. Your eye travels great distances to horizons that go on and on: the longer you look, the more you see.”
The Artist

“There is nothing rushed about Keith Melling’s finely-detailed landscapes... Everything is carefully judged.”

 276mm x 219mm. 138 pages  115 colour illustrations with sketch maps   ISBN 9780956093813
Hardback £26.50
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Keith Melling: An Artist in Pendleside
Keith Melling: An Artist in Pendleside

Keith Melling: An Artist in Pendleside (signed book)

In this attractive book, the second by Keith Melling, we explore the varied landscape of the artist’s own patch, and see it all through his eyes; from the vast and dynamic uplands to the green pastoral valleys, and even some more uncomely back street views. Together with interesting oddments of history, including a fascinating summary of the Pendle Witches, this richly illustrated book offers a comprehensive and vivid picture of a remarkable area that deserves to be better known.
276mm x 219mm. 128 pages  146 colour illustrations with sketches and sketch map   ISBN 9780956093820
Hardback £26.50
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